The potential to enhance deforesation free agriculture and forestry investments in the peruvian amazon

31 octubre 2017

The potential to enhance deforestation free agriculture and forestry investments in the Peruvian Amazon is a commissioned study by the norwegian government and the National Forest Conservation Programme for the Climate Change Mitigation of Peru (Programa Nacional de Conservación de Bosques para la Mitigación del Cambio Climático). It was developed by Solidaridad, SEED and Nature Services Peru.

The study is focussed in the identification of opportunities and challenges for the development of deforestation free agriculture and forestry investments in the deforested areas from the Peruvian amazon biome. It is based on the analysis of the main regions and the elements linked to the agricultural growth in the Amazon and sectors such as coffee, cocoa, oil palm and timber plantations. The study provides recommendations for policies and propose the necessary changes aiming to promote investments in the matter, according to the Joint Declaration of Intent between the governments of Peru, Norway and Germany and the National Strategy for Forests and Climate Change (ENBCC).



  • Contact Information

    Gonzalo La Cruz

    Director, Solidaridad Sudamérica