TFA LATAM Chaco Lead

Solidaridad as a Tropical Forest Alliance member is opening a full-time position to serve as TFA Latin America Chaco Lead. The post will be based either in Paraguay or Argentina. Interested candidates who comply with the following terms of reference are invited to submit their CV and a Letter of Interest (in English) to, until June 30th. Only the selected candidates will be contacted.


The Tropical Forest Alliance is a multistakeholder partnership platform initiated to support the implementation of private-sector commitments to remove deforestation from palm oil, beef, soy, and pulp/paper supply chains. Hosted by the World Economic Forum, our 170+ alliance partners include companies, government entities, civil society, indigenous peoples, local communities, and international organizations, working together through Forest-Positive Collective Action to advance the world's transition to deforestation-free commodity supply chains. Headquartered at the Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) office in São Paulo – Brazil, and strategically supported by a management board made up of companies, NGOs, and governments, the TFA Latin America operates to:

  • Create an effective bridge between Latin America and the global community, through integrating local knowledge with the global community;
  • Engage private sector and global investors in five key jurisdictions as a pathway to reduce commodity-driven deforestation. This includes supporting the local players in the build-up and implementation process of a common view for an economic development that is forest-positive;
  • Enhance sectorial deforestation-free initiatives.


The TFA Latin America Chaco Lead will work with national and/or international government and business entities at all levels. S/he will monitor internationally negotiated agreements, legislative, administrative, and/or corporate initiatives and policies related to TFA’s mission. The TFA Latin America Chaco Lead will represent TFA before special interest groups and engage key public and private officials to increase support for the Chaco program.

He/she will be administratively contracted by Solidaridad and will work under the supervision and coordination of the TFA LATAM office of São Paulo.


The TFA Latin America Chaco Lead will drive a new endeavor in the Eastern Chaco Region [Argentina and Paraguay] and act as the main facilitator of an emerging platform, developing and coordinating strategies to achieve TFA’s goals through interaction with local actors, implementing and coordinating programs to influence government, multilateral agencies, international institutions and/or corporate policy across the region.


  • Creating opportunities to accelerate action for sustainable land-use and deforestation-free commodity production, fostering public and private investments and private sector and civil society commitments, policies, and action plans
  • Actively engaging with the public sector and promoting global sustainability interests in commodity supply chains to inform policy development
  • Mapping the key relevant local stakeholders to the forest, agriculture, commodity, and trade agenda in the Eastern Chaco Region and co-building an agreed governance structure and a shared vision
  • Contributing to the design and planning of a Chaco Region Platform (alliance) in collaboration with the TFA Regional and Global Teams, leading stakeholder engagement in the region on behalf of TFA, and leading recruitment of potential partners from the region (through the platform)
  • Fostering collaboration between southern hemisphere governments on capacity building, sharing lessons learned, and relevant policymaking
  • Serving as a facilitator of the COP-26/FACT Dialogues, including convening and moderating bilateral and working group meetings and calls, proposing the agenda and work plans for discussion by the engaged team


  • Bachelor’s degree in political science, environmental policy, business or related field and 6 years of senior management level experience in government relations, corporate sector, or equivalent combination of education/experience. 
  • Supervisory experience.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish. International work experience in the Chaco Region (Paraguay and Argentina)
  • Experience with and knowledge of key commodities impacting forests and their supply chains, the role forests play in climate change, agriculture, and other land-use policy in the Chaco region
  • Experience in directing or participating in complex negotiations and presenting to and communicating with government officials, corporate executives, board members, and others
  • Understanding of international soft commodity markets, and trade flows from sourcing to consumption
  • Experience working with current and evolving political, legislative, sustainability, and/or conservation trends on an international, regional, country, or sub-national level
  • Experience with corporate social responsibility or corporate sustainability
  • Strong drive for collaboration and ability to comfortably navigate uncertain or ambiguous environments


  • Master’s degree appreciated
  • Multi-cultural or cross-cultural experience is appreciated, along with a neutral and non-partisan stance in his/her duties
  • Significant experience in business development, general management, management consulting, or investment banking.  Experience with corporate social responsibility or corporate sustainability.
  • Outstanding analytical and project management capabilities. Demonstrated ability to successfully develop and implement complex projects in an unstructured environment.
  • Independent and self-motivated with the ability to participate effectively in a remote team environment.
  • Fundraising experience.


  • Builds relationships: Builds productive relationships by interacting with others in ways that enhance mutual trust and commitment. 
  • Collaboration & Teamwork: Works collaboratively with stakeholders across levels, geographies, backgrounds, and cultures to improve decisions, strengthen commitment, and be more effective.
  • Communicates Authentically: Communicates proactively and in a timely manner to share information, persuade, and influence with the appropriate level of detail, tone, and opportunities for feedback.
  • Develops Others: Takes ownership to help develop others’ skills, behaviors, and mindsets to help them maximize their workplace contributions.
  • Drives for Results: Sets challenging goals and objectives based on a strong sense of purpose and high-performance standards and steadfastly pushes self and others for tangible results, while ensuring work-life balance.
  • Leverages Difference: Demonstrates commitment to harnessing the power of differences strategically; consistently sees, learns from, and takes strategic action related to difference; and demonstrates the self-awareness and behaviors to work across differences of identity and power respectfully and effectively with all stakeholders. Actively seeks to build and retain a diverse workforce and fosters an equitable inclusive workplace by drawing upon diverse perspectives.
  • Systems Leadership: Thinks and acts from a broad perspective with a long-term view and an understanding of 1) the dynamic nature of large-scale challenges and 2) the need for integrating five key practices: skillfully engaging appropriate people; providing a clear process for change; taking a holistic view of situations; focusing on a small number of strategic actions, while learning from and adapting them over time; and being aware of how one’s own thinking or patterns of behavior may be limiting change.